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Why can't we unpack before 10am?

Why are you called a Re-Use Boot?

What is the Organisers name?

What is your phone number?

What is your post code?

What time should I get there as a Buyer?

What time should I get there as a Seller?

What time can Sellers unpack?

What is the cost for Buyers?

What is the cost for Sellers

What time do you close?

What can't I bring to sell?

How do I find out if you are running?

Is there food for sale on site?

Can I sell food or drinks on my pitch?

Can I bring my dog?

Can I leave any unsold items or rubbish?

Can I carry stuff from the car park to add to my pitch?

Do you open Bank Holidays?

Do you supply tables?

Do you have toilets on site?


For further information please call us on 07984 206 698 or email us at info@stondonbury.co.uk.