Seller's & Buyer's Information

No need to book, just turn up from 9am and enjoy...

Please call us on 07984 206 698 and check our voicemail message from 7:15am on the day, ideally before you load your vehicle and set off as we are weather dependent and wouldn't want you to be disappointed by arriving at a closed site!

  • Buyers are welcome from 9am (to avoid queuing). We trade until 2pm.
  • For the best pitch positions (nearest to the car park), sellers should aim to arrive as near to 9.00am as possible .We don’t allow anybody to unpack until 10am, the only things to come out of the car are the children and the mother in-law :-) No tables or rails until 10am please.
  • We start unpacking at 10am on mass with around 150 pitches on average. Sellers continue to arrive until about 12 noon, but the sooner you get here the better all round.
  • We unpack en-mass to minimise the annoyance of traders and dealers hounding each and every pitch on arrival. Although this does not illiminate the annoyance, it does minimise it and gives the general public the same opportunity to buy the bargains by unpacking en-mass. This has been the main contributing factor to the success and popularity of our Re-Use Boot for over a decade.
  • We have several food vendors & toilets on site for your convenience while you await the magical time of 10am!
  • Providing that you arrive with at least 80% of household unwanted items, a pitch only costs £5 per family car. £10 for a car with trailer or a van.
  • Regardless of vehicle size, if you have more than 20% of new goods on board the pitch will cost £20.
  • If you need clarification on pitch pricing, or you are a market trader, please phone Stewart on 07984 206 698.

The following items are NOT to be sold on this boot site:

Guns & Air Rifles/BB Guns | Knives, Swords & Other Weapons | Fireworks
Counterfeit/Pirate Goods including Clothing, Video's & DVD's | Stolen Goods
Mini Motor Bikes & Helmets | Cigarettes & Tobacco | Wines & Spirits | Livestock & Pets

Anyone found trading in these items at Stondonbury Re-Use Boot will be removed from the site without refund, and the relevant authorities informed. This measure has not only been introduced to comply with Health and Safety or European regulations, but to protect both the future of these sales and their loyal and highly valued customers.

For further information please call us on 07984 206 698 or email us at